Mouse Orbit + Move Object + Follow Problem

Scripts Tweaked/Used: MouseOrbitImproved.js MoveObject.js

First of all, I tweaked the MouseOrbitImproved script so that instead of Last Update I used Update function.

I attached this MouseOrbitImproved script to the Main Camera, whereas the target is an empty Game Object. I attached the MoveObject script then to this empty object, but tweaked a bit such that it reads the current position of the empty object and passes another position (upon clicking different colliders located on a map) for this object to travel to.

I was successful in combining the 2 scripts. I was able to make a camera follow an invisible trail towards a next object (while allowing the camera to orbit that invisible object while it is moving), depending on which I click on, however, I would like to control the rotation of the camera by holding a mouse button and dragging. I already tried adding && Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0) to the target under function Update(), but it doesn’t work.

What do you think I must do to make it work?

GetMouseButtonDown only occurs once; you should use GetMouseButton to have true returned while the mouse button is pressed, and false when not pressed.