Mouse pointer getting enlarged on mac

**About the app: ** The app is basically a multiplayer game where there are avatars that can walk around and there are rooms that people can go into, each room having a voice chat of its own and all. Built on unity 2021.1.24f1

Plugins I’m using: Photon, univoice, Vuplex.

**The Problem: ** As the game is based on photon, I have integrated a custom plugin for the voice chat in pun2, you can find it here. The problem is, that ever since integrated that plugin, the mouse pointer on the mac just goes crazy large, see the attached screenshot below. Although it works completely fine on windows.

**Solutions I already tried: **

  • Added a custom cursor with max size 32, same problem.
  • Tried building .app file from windows directly, same problem in the build on mac.

Hey there,

i faced a similar problem on mac and linux systems. I think (no guarantee) the solution for me was these lines on startup where I set the CursorMode:

        if (SystemInfo.operatingSystemFamily == OperatingSystemFamily.Linux)
            Cursor.SetCursor(texture,, CursorMode.ForceSoftware);
        else if (SystemInfo.operatingSystemFamily == OperatingSystemFamily.Windows)
            Cursor.SetCursor(texture,, CursorMode.Auto);

Let me know if that helped :slight_smile: