Mouse selection stuff offsetted by menubar?

A lot of stuff get offsetted after being selected:

I think that menubar is doing the offset considering Unity(talking about Ubuntu desktop environment) doesn't have a menubar in the window, while all other DEs do.

Same thing happening on my gnome 3 arch machine, so it might not be related to Unity.

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so it might not be related to Unity

That makes no sense… how? why?

Note that Unity can refer to 2 things, the game engine and the default Ubuntu DE(DEs are: Unity, Gnome, Kde, Xfce, Lxde…)

Also just to note I am using GNOME 3, just a bit more customized to look similar to Unity(DE).

I only focused on the editor window while watching the video, didnt even realize it wasnt Unity(DE).
Totally misunderstood you there.

Budgie gives the same result too.
It might be related to global menu like you said.

same thing on Ubuntu Gnome

This is Happening in ARch linux with i3 wm. I think that besides unity(DE) it will happen everywhere, and it does seem related to the menubar, and there should be some config to auto hide it (like firefox or other browsers).

Intresting is that on the side menus (like Hierarchy) the mouse is detected correctly, but the hints are wrong, for instance if you create a cube and a sphere and try to set one to be the children of the other if you try to make it so that the hint (that blue line) tells you that it'll become it's children it doesnt work, but if you completly ignore the hint and just drag and drop it into the other object it works (even if the hint says that it wont)... I think a video would explain better:


I'm using KDE in Kubuntu 15.04. When I drag things around in the Hierarchy menu, my mouse pointer is positioned almost two lines above the item I'm interacting with, just like in Nibodhika's video.

Same issue here. Just like in the video.
Using Cinnamon in ArchLinux

I'm running Ubuntu 15.04 with unity-editor-5.1.0f3+2015090301_amd64.deb and the pekwm window manager and I also see this problem.

I tested this out, and menubar is doing the offset, Unity(DE) and Xfce with don't have the problem.

The only issue I'm having with offset is when dragging something from the assets to the scene. However when dragging on the scene (after placed) or when placing into the hierarchy no issues so far.

Arch Linux with Openbox and

I'd say there still are a few offset issues within Unity's latest builds

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The only issue I’m having with offset is when dragging something from the assets to the scene
We’ll take a look at this case, thanks.