MouseDown Triggered by Another GameObject

I have bomb and brick game objects. Sometimes, when i click a brick, the mousedown() event of bomb object is called for no reason. The mouseDown() event of the Brick does not being called.I am pretty sure that the script is attached to only the Bomb object. And this does not happen always.

public class Bomb : MonoBehaviour
//this function is being triggered when another GameObject is clicked, and the onClick function of the right object is not being triggered. this not happens always.
    private void OnMouseDown()
       // do stuff()


As you can see, when a brick is clicked, the nearby bricks with the same color will be eliminated. When the bomb element is clicked, nearby elements (with 1 distance) is being destroyed, regardless of their color. But in the 00:12, I clicked the green brick object, but the onMouseDown() of bomb object is being triggered.

And the bomb prefab’s size look OK.

hi @XraZerTR
Sorry I misunderstood the question.

have you tried tweaking the colliders of the prefab it might be a bit large?