MouseEnter camera not working

My MouseEnter and Exit is not working. I have this script on my “Station 9 Camera”. It tells the script MouseRotate to activate which is on GameObject called “Station 9”, so I can rotate my station around and take a look before I buy. I have a box collider on my Camera, which still does not work. When I enter the Camera window it should at least print(“Station true”) in the console which it doesn’t. So anywhere in my Station 9 Camera I should be able to rotate the station 9 GameObject.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ActivateMouseRotate : MonoBehaviour {

	void OnMouseEnter()
		GameObject.Find("OreList/Station 9").GetComponent<MouseRotate >().enabled = true;
		print("Station true");
	void OnMouseExit()
		GameObject.Find("OreList/Station 9").GetComponent<MouseRotate >().enabled = false;
		print("Station false");

What could the problem be? I also notice there is no checkbox in the inspector, to activate or deactivate this script. Inspector bug?

There is a workaround thou, so I used this. Once mouse is inside this rect and the left button is pressed you can rotate the gameObject even if your outside of the rect. If you try to rotate the object outside of its boundaries, you can’t, you need to be inside the rect rotate the object and even if you move outside its boundaries you can also rotate the object, as long as you didn’t release the mouse button. Having to rotate only in its boundaries and then going over the object stopped rotating and I didn’t like it.

// Show station box and triggers the rotate mouse script in order to rotate the station
		Rect rect = new Rect(1531,587,961,939);
		GUI.DrawTexture(rect, boxImage );
		if(rect.Contains(Event.current.mousePosition)) GameObject.Find("OreList/Station 9").GetComponent<MouseRotate >().enabled = true;
		else if (GameObject.Find("OreList/Station 9").GetComponent<MouseRotate >().enabled == true && Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0)) GameObject.Find("OreList/Station 9").GetComponent<MouseRotate >().enabled = false;
		// End