MouseLook character is acting wierd

Ok so here is my problem …
I have a model , i attached the script “MouseLook” from de unity asset on my character but if i attach the script to my character , the whole model moves with my mouse and if i attach it to the main camera, the character doesn t point the direction of the mouse.

Is there anything missing in the MouseLook script to be able to look everywhere like in FPS games?

I ve read many tuto, watched tons of video , wrote every code. But nothing seems to solve my problem.

Any suggestion?


The way the Unity FPS Character does it, is to attach the script to both the player gameObject and the camera.

Using the inspectors, you can freeze certain axis. Allowing the player GameObject to rotate left and right, and the camera to move up and down.

This should create an FPS character with it’s feet firmly on the ground.

Good Luck.