MouseLook controlling up down rotation of character!

Hey guys, im making a fps character and i have a problem. my character is named Swat and i have my main camera as a child of Swat, I have a mouselook script on the Swat character and it works fine, it looks around and its all good except for one this. when i look left and right it rotates the Swat character Which is good, but it also rotates when i look up and down which is really bad. when its like this i can put my character flat down and diagonal in game and it sucks. how can i make it so the camera looks up and down and left and right but the character only looks left and right

~any help is apprectiate
~thanks all

Hi, on your whole character (the parent) add a mouselook instance and make it only rotate on x axis. so set Y to 0…

then go to your camera (this should be a child of the main character) and add it again, only allowing Y movement of the axis by setting X to 0.

That or you can restrict your players rotation in your character controller component. Its the last thing in the component in your inspector i think. Good luck.

If u by chance replaced the Default Camera with another Camera in the FPS COntroller or removed the Mouse look Script, add the script or replace the camera with the original FPS COntroller’s Camera.
It also happened forme.I googled it but didnt find a solution.When i was reading the comments in the mouse look Script, i read in the comments that the camera has a mouse look .This makes it rotate in the normal fps style without rotating the model ur using.Even i used the same model.