MouseLook Freeze!

Been high and low for an answer to this with nothing seemingly that works, so any real, “this is whats wrong” would be great!

First off, I’m using Javascript and have implemented a javascript of MouseLook which compiles all well at the current time, but doesn’t actually freeze the camera when the Pause menu is activated. Here’s my code, which I figured if it got it freezing unfreezing would be the easy part.

var guiMode : String = "InGame";

var buttonWidth : int = 180;

//assigns player controller in inspector
var player : GameObject;

function Update()
	// Pause button
		//this is to completely pause all buttons and particles
		Time.timeScale = 0;
		//Freeze Mouse Look Script		
		player.GetComponent(MouseLookJava).enabled = false;
		//GetComponent("MouseLook").enable = !GetComponent("MouseLook").enable;
		//bring up menu options.
		guiMode = "Paused";		

Any help would be much appreciated.

I suspect your camera has a mouselook script as well, so you need to disable that one too.

Note that with Time.timeScale = 0, Time.deltaTime is set to a default value (0.2 ?), not 0.