mouselook on head bone

I am putting the mouselook script that come with unity on the head bone of my character so he looks around with his head. but his head rotates in the wrong direction when i move the mouse. I tried to invert mouse settings with input manager but all directions were still wrong, Is there a setting that Im missing somewhere or does this sound like it needs some coding ??

Do you mean wrong as in opposite or wrong as in totally wrong axis? If the latter then just change the axis of the mouse look. I have often found it useful (especially in the case of a third person controller) to use two mouselook controllers. One on the main skeleton of the character that controls the direction it’s facing (horizontal rotation) and one on the head or invisible child of the head that controls vertical headlook. Attaching the mouse looks directly to the head or neck bone can lead to some unnatural looking character mechanics. Also take a look at the headlook script (I think it’s included with Unity or is on the Unify site.