MouseLookPlus Script- can't access certain variables in the inspector view

So I'm trying to use this script (, and I need to change the Axis to MouseX so I can put it on the FPS controller and to MouseY and put that on the camera. Buuut, when I put it on each one, the Axis variable doesn't show up in the inspector view (all of the other variables do, though) and my attempts to set it to MouseX and MouseY in the actual script haven't worked Any ideas why this is happening?

Plus, I'm encountering another, unrelated (I think) problem. I keep getting this error:

Assets/Project Stuff/Scripts/DemoRoomScripts/MouseLookPlus.js(65,64): BCE0017: The best overload for the method 'UnityEngine.Quaternion.AngleAxis(float, UnityEngine.Vector3)' is not compatible with the argument list '(UnityEngine.Vector3, float)'.

I don't think that's related, but it's something else I can't figure out how to fix either, so I could use some help with that too

The error message would seem to indicate that you have the arguments to Quaternion.AngleAxis() in the wrong order, so that's probably what I'd check first. (I see that that's how it was in the original script, but maybe that was just an error.)