move a 2d item in a circle around a fixed point

I have a simple problem for which I can’t appear to find any answer (maybe it’s just too simple??)

I have a GameObject in a 2D environment which I want to move, in a circular motion, around a given point. Let’s say, for example, point Vector3(0,0,0) at a given radius (let’s say 1!) at a given speed -to give a “running in a circle”, or “running around the clock face” effect. I don’t need to rotate the item as it’s circularly symmetrical, I just need to update the position around the given axis.

Answer, adapted from Reddit - Dive into anything

public class Target : MonoBehaviour 

    private float RotateSpeed = 5f;
    private float Radius = 0.1f;

    private Vector2 _centre;
    private float _angle;

    private void Start()
        _centre = transform.position;

    private void Update()

        _angle += RotateSpeed * Time.deltaTime;

        var offset = new Vector2(Mathf.Sin(_angle), Mathf.Cos(_angle)) * Radius;
        transform.position = _centre + offset;


Hope this video give you right solution:
Unity3D - Circular Motion