Move a detonator

I know, I know, the title sounds odd, but it was the best way I could describe it.

In my game, there is a space ship moving forward through space. Instead of moving the ship though, I am moving asteroids, dust, etc. Backwards to give the appearance of movement.

When an enemy is defeated, they are obviously no longer moving backwards, and therefore the wrecked body and the ensuing explosion should move at the camera.

My problem here is that when I move my detonator prefab backwards, the emitter is just moved, and emits from another location, which looks terrible :wink:

So, how would I move the entire simulation? As is, actually move the particles along with its emitter to give the perception that the explosion is indeed flying at the camera?

Thanks!- YA

Sounds like your emitter is just emitting smoke from one spot and you dont like the direction of the smoke trail when wrecked ship moves.

Can you adjust the emitter settings to make it look nicer?
Theres some things in the settings like velocity. So make a sort of jet of smoke directed backward, which is a child of the dead body. If youve tried the Lerpz tutorial then what I mean is sort of like Lerpz’s jetpack particle emitters.