Move a object to certain cordinates

Hey Im having a trouble figuring out ho to move a object to a certain coordinates because my spawner script instantiates a prefab and i cant have a transofrm in a prefab so.
The question is: How i move a object to certain coordinates without a target object?

My spawner script is this:

var Enemies : GameObject[];
var DelayTime : float;
var TotalEnemies : int;

private var NextSpawn : float;
private var TotalSpawn : float;
function Update()
    if(TotalSpawn >= TotalEnemies) return;
    if(Time.time > NextSpawn)
       NextSpawn = Time.time + DelayTime;

You can pass a new Vector3() struct. When you ask for transform.position it returns a Vector3(). You do not need to go through transform first, any vector 3 will do. That said, using a target’s transform is handy as you can set the position in the editor.

About the vector, ill try but with the target if I make a prefab of the player the target disappears!!