move a transform to a vector 3?

Hi ive been googling around for the past few hours and have not found anything on this (please link me if i missed something) what i want tot do is smoothly move a transform to a vector 3

so i could a have a vector 3 defined and i would place in the point in which i want the object to move to something like transform.postion = the vector 3 i defined. or something similer but using slerp or something similer

Sorry, I might be a little bit late.
But I want to post anywas for those that dont know how to do this.

public Transform exampleTransform;
public Vector3 exampleVector3;

void Update()
    exampleVector3 = new Vector3(exampleTransform.position.x, exampleTransform.position.y, exampleTransform.position.z);

This allows you to take the xyz positions of the transform and store them in the Vector3.