Move another cube with a cube

Hi everyone!
I have some problem with rigibody. I want make it work like image below, and only want use rigibody make it work like that, without bouncing after pushed by another cube.
If can’t do that, please help me write code.
Thank you so much!
P/S: Sorry! my English is bad.

I think you have a problem with Newton :smiley: Because you have 2 rigidbody and you want to collide these and than to glue them each other. In real World this is imposible with rigidbody. But you can do it what you want in Unity.

You should detect collision. When collision is detected, you make your cubes velocities equal. You can do this via script to reach rigidbodies velocities directly. Before do these things you must know what you want exactly. You must think motions of cubes after gluing process.