Move armature bones in scene Hierarchy

I have imported a rigged character model and I have added the model to the scene.
I can see the armature and I asked myself if I can move the bones around to modify the character’s pose directly in the scene.
I’ve tried but… no success.

Is it possible to do that even using scripting? How?


It is First you have to Find the bone u want to move using
Gameobject Object ;

Object = Gameobject Find (“name here”) ;

good idea to find the character then locate the bone if u have many items with same bone names.

then u need to use code

Gameobject Bone ;

Bone = Object.transform.find (“bone1/bone2/bone3/bone_I_want”).gameobject ;

Then use code to move it

Bone.transform.LocalEularangles = new Vector ( X ,Y , X ) ;

For above Xyz is where you link you mouse or button imputs ok. trying one axis at a time till u find the correct movement u want, its not click and drag but it will get your parts moving via controls if u add controls in that is.

GL sorry if i misstypes some code i wrote it quick check capitals n such.