Move Camera Along Z Axis (Automatically)

I have a main menu with a scene built. I would like the main camera to move along the Z position at a slow speed but can’t find anything to help me. All of the answers I have found are to do with moving the camera with input from the keyboard or mouse. I would like the camera to start moving forward automatically as soon as the main menu is loaded.

I know I need to use transform.position but I don’t know how exactly I can get it to work so any help is appreciated.

Ok I feel a bit silly. A bit of modification to the examples given in the documentation led to a working fix to my problem.

void Update () {
		transform.Translate(Vector3.forward * Time.deltaTime*1);


You will probably want to use transform. Translate to move it along.

function Update() {
transform.Translate(0, 0, speedgoeshere);

Hope that helps

For the similar problem how can we restrict the camera moment by MinZ and MaxZ??