Move character based on animation

I am following the unity’s Stealth tutorial but the chapter that is making me so confused is the chapter named “Player Movement”, i mean that in the chapter the tutor shows us how to give character a rotation but they didn’t showed how they moved it i mean they did created a function for the movement of the character but they didn’t used something like .transform.position = new Vector3(…) or anything else to move the character, in the video they just changed the value of a parameter of mechanim system by SetFloat method and nothing else

Below is the code they’ve written in the tut :

using UnityEngine;

using System.Collections;

public class PlayerMovement : MonoBehaviour { public AudioClip shoutingClip; // Audio clip of the player shouting. public float turnSmoothing = 15f; // A smoothing value for turning the player. public float speedDampTime = 0.1f; // The damping for the speed parameter

private Animator anim;              // Reference to the animator component.
private HashIDs hash;               // Reference to the HashIDs.
void Awake ()
    // Setting up the references.
    anim = GetComponent<Animator>();
    hash = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag(Tags.gameController).GetComponent<HashIDs>();
    // Set the weight of the shouting layer to 1.
    anim.SetLayerWeight(1, 1f);
void FixedUpdate ()
    // Cache the inputs.
    float h = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal");
    float v = Input.GetAxis("Vertical");
    bool sneak = Input.GetButton("Sneak");
    MovementManagement(h, v, sneak);
void Update ()
    // Cache the attention attracting input.
    bool shout = Input.GetButtonDown("Attract");
    // Set the animator shouting parameter.
    anim.SetBool(hash.shoutingBool, shout);
void MovementManagement (float horizontal, float vertical, bool sneaking)
    // Set the sneaking parameter to the sneak input.
    anim.SetBool(hash.sneakingBool, sneaking);
    // If there is some axis input...
    if(horizontal != 0f || vertical != 0f)
        // ... set the players rotation and set the speed parameter to 5.5f.
        Rotating(horizontal, vertical);
        anim.SetFloat(hash.speedFloat, 5.5f, speedDampTime, Time.deltaTime);
        // Otherwise set the speed parameter to 0.
        anim.SetFloat(hash.speedFloat, 0);
void Rotating (float horizontal, float vertical)
    // Create a new vector of the horizontal and vertical inputs.
    Vector3 targetDirection = new Vector3(horizontal, 0f, vertical);
    // Create a rotation based on this new vector assuming that up is the global y axis.
    Quaternion targetRotation = Quaternion.LookRotation(targetDirection, Vector3.up);
    // Create a rotation that is an increment closer to the target rotation from the player's rotation.
    Quaternion newRotation = Quaternion.Lerp(rigidbody.rotation, targetRotation, turnSmoothing * Time.deltaTime);
    // Change the players rotation to this new rotation.
void AudioManagement (bool shout)
    // If the player is currently in the run state...
    if(anim.GetCurrentAnimatorStateInfo(0).nameHash == hash.locomotionState)
        // ... and if the footsteps are not playing...
            // ... play them.
        // Otherwise stop the footsteps.
    // If the shout input has been pressed...
        // ... play the shouting clip where we are.
        AudioSource.PlayClipAtPoint(shoutingClip, transform.position);

Here is the link to the video (in case you need) :

Haven’t done this tutorial but a quick look at that video they setting the speedFloat for within Mecanim and Mecanim can handle movement IF it’s been setup. Pretty sure they’ll have covered the Mecanim setup in an earlier video so try looking at that.