Move continuously through array of Vectors

I need to move an object through an array of Vector3 coordinates smoothly. I’ve written similar code before, but moving from [a] to , then from to
c**__ <strong>** etc. means that for one frame the object is stationary. Does anybody know how to move through a list of Vectors continuously?**</strong> __**

Using [MoveObject][1],

var points : Vector3[];
var time = 5.0;

function Start () {
	for (var i = 0; i < points.Length-1; i++) {
		yield MoveObject.use.Translation (transform, points*, points[i+1], time, MoveType.Time);*
  • }*
    Since MoveObject advances the third parameter of Lerp by using Time.deltaTime before setting the position, the object will never be stationary for one frame at the transitions, since it will never quite be at the starting point specified by the points in the array (though it will always end up exactly at the ending point).