Move enemy towards player if enemy is in Camera bounds?

Hey, it is my first question here and I did some research before asking, but if I missed something I am so sorry. I will get to the point :
I have script that makes Enemy move towards my Player (it is 2D platformer). Enemy move if distance between Player and object is less than max dist. but if I reach higher value with my Player than max dist Enemy stops following.

 if (Vector2.Distance(transform.position, Player.transform.position) <= 10.0f)
            Vector2 enemyVelocity = new Vector2((transform.position.x - Player.transform.position.x) * Speed, 0);
            rgBody2d.velocity = -enemyVelocity;
            anim.SetFloat("Speed", enemyVelocity.magnitude);

How can I make follow my player if it shows in Camera and do not stop until it reaches the Player?
I would be thankful even for some links so I can manage with this by myself.

Anyone who is able to help? I pay in upvotes :stuck_out_tongue:

Use move towards ,it is much easier to do it with vectors than through physics