Move GameObject along a line according to the players look direction

I have two GameObjects: The Main Camera, which the player can rotate, and a box, which only moves in the z-axis. I need the box to always be in the Main Camera’s forward position, and newer move away from it’s line.

I’ve tried to illustrate it:

Additional information: I’m coding in C# and have tried different solutions with vectors, but just can’t get my head around a solution.

you can use a ray cast hitting an invisible collier which will act as your line and place the gameObject at the raycast contact point.


for help

You can also use the Plane object so you have an infinite large “collider” plane.

A mathematical plane is defined by it’s normal vector and the distance from 0,0,0. You can create a plane be hand in the normal vector to define in which direction the plane should face and any point in world coordinates that is on the plane:

private Plane m_Plane;

void Start()
    // This plane will be at 0,0,20 and face towards the origin(0,0,0)
    m_Plane = new Plane(-Vector3.forward, new Vector3(0,0,20));

Ray ray = Camera.main.ViewportPointToRay (new Vector3(0.5,0.5,0));
float dist;
if (m_Plane.Raycast(ray, out dist))
    Vector3 hitPoint = ray.GetPoint(dist);
    // use it

The plane object isn’t a visual component. It’s just the mathematical representation of a plane.

Just use the camera transforms forward direction and zero out the y axis. that’s important because the camera always “looks down” on the player, but you don’t want to move in that direction (cause you’d go through the ground :P)

Vector3 forward = Camera.main.transform.foward;
forward.y = 0f;    
// Move the box    
transform.Translate(forward * speed * Time.deltaTime);