Move GameObject (with SoundSource) along a path based on distance from Player (AudioListener)

So I have a lake in my scene. I have a lake sound I'd like to attach to the lake, but as we all know, the sound must come from a single point in 3d space (center of the lake-water mesh). I realize that I could throw multiple GameObjects in various places around the lake and attach sounds to each, play with rolloffs, etc...

However, I'm much more interested in moving a single GameObject with a SoundSource relative to the AudioListener. Specifically, I'd like to define a series of line segments that the GameObject can travel along, and move the GameObject so that it is as close to the AudioListener as that path will allow. So, as I walk by the lake, the lake sound seems to be somewhat omnipresent because the soundsource is moving 'with' me.

This same method could work for forest sounds (wind in trees), rivers, etc

Obviously, this method is meant for singleplayer only. I'm not really sure it would work, but I wanted to try and I think it should be simple to do. I'm not a programmer, but I just built an interactive music script and cut my teeth on some java for the first time, and I learn quick. Any pointers on a simple solution would be great.

Ideally, I'd like to either place gameobjects around, with the understanding that segments are drawn from one to the other, or even better draw the line segements directly (not to be seen in the game of course). I played with SplineController, and it is very close, except that it moves the object automatically at a constant speed, and I want to move the object along that path based on distance to another gameobject.

Recently discussed here.

If that doesn't give you enough to go on, I can provide more info if needed. Basically, you'll need to be able to determine the closest point on the lake's surface (presumably) to the player's position. How much accuracy you need, how the lake is shaped, and whether the player can go into the lake, etc., will all be factors in creating an implementation.