Move Object without making the Child of Animation?

Hy there!
I’m in a difficult position right now, please help.
When I jump on something like an Animating floor who is animating and my player on top of it. I want to move my player too when it comes to any animating thing. (Sorry about my bad English)

Hi, Physics should solve this. Attach a collider to moving floor. attach collider and rigid body to the player. But as you said you have already a jump system in your game I assume you have already implemented physics. So you should explain the situation more where you stand and what type of setup you are having in your scene And if this jump system is just based on animation, then you can use physics before taking scripting approach to animate your child objects.

Please watch the video:- - YouTube

I want to move my Lion with a moving object. For Example, I want my Lion(Player) move left with the Football(When Lion was on Football).