Move one object to anothers position over time.

I’m trying to move my FPS object to a new location quickly, roughly 2-3 times its running speed.

I currently have this to move his position

Player.transform.position.y = hit.transform.position.y+5;
Player.transform.position.x = hit.transform.position.x;
Player.transform.position.z = hit.transform.position.z;

However that obviously moves him instantly. How would I get him to move at the desired speed?

for an FPS you should probably be using a charactercontroller for the player and then you can use

Player.charactercontroller.simplemove(speed * direction)

you can use slerp to move that transform but even moving slowly moving a transform directly TELEPORTS the object. It makes no attempt to check for collision and will go straight through any object in the game.

You can use the Vector3.Lerp() function to lerp between the starting and target position over a given period of time, or if you need more specific controls you can use the Lerp function in Mathf. (You’ll need to use the Lerp in one of your update functions to smooth out the movement over a number of frames.)