Move Parent with Children and then moving children individually

My problem is that I have a Parent Object, within which children are instantiated.

I use the DGTweening library to use the GameObjects Rigidbody2D , so the movement is done by manipulating transform position afaik.

I want to move Parent with Children together, and then move the children individually.
The Problem is, if I have a Rigidbody2D on both the Parent AND the children, I can’t move the parent (w/ children) . If I have a Rigidbody2D only on the parent I can move Parent w children butnot children individually.

If I have Rigidbody2D only on children I can only use children.
I can’t activate/deactivate the Rigidbodies2D and rb.isKinetic = true/false only works with Rigidbody3D.

Is there any way I could do this without having to instantiate/destroy the Rigidbody2D components in between the two Movements? The children are instantiated from a prefab and added as children to the parent at runtime.
alt text

Thank you very much

I solved it by starting out with Rigidbody2d on parent, no Rb on children.
Move the parent to have the Family move together.
After that added a Rigidbody2d to each child and moved each child individually.

Not that cumbersome as I thought