move player to the grabPoint

Hello! I got a great problem with this...Making a grabPoint i got it working, but the player is a little far from grabPoint when grab the point...

I used this to get it on the right height(same of the grabPoint):

transform.position.y = collision.transform.position.y;

Ok, that is working. But Playermodel is a little far from the grabPoint in the axis Z (of the player)... Well i would do the same thing in the Z axis, but it doesn`t work.`Cause it is about global axis, i need local(some grabPoint would be rotated and that`s the problem)...maybe something about localPosition would help, but not with the same sintax...i tried it before...

[EDIT] I'm using this code:

function OnTriggerEnter(collision : Collider) { 
    if (collision.gameObject.tag == "grabPoint") { 
        transform.position.y = collision.transform.position.y;
        transform.position.z = collision.transform.position.z;
        transform.eulerAngles.y = collision.transform.eulerAngles.y;

Please help me!!!

Thank you Guys! =D

You need to add an offset to the player's new position.

Put a GrabPoint down somewhere, and see exactly where the player should be in relation to it to be visually correct. Then put that value into the var offset : Vector3 below:

transform.position = collision.transform.InverseTransformPoint( offset );

InversetTransformPoint takes rotation into account, so as you rotate a grabPoint, it should rotate the snap-to position properly.

If different GrabPoints can have different offsets, you may need to make offset a member of GrabPoint objects rather than a global / magic number.

you could just use localPosition instead of position for things you want in local space to an object

alternatively, you could use transform.forward to get the local forward vector of a transform