Move point in the direction of another

Hello there, guys!

I have a question… I’ve got cube for example, it’s have 8 verts and him transform.position point is center inside.

I want to move every vert in direction of central point but in random distance. My thinking assumed st like that:

mesh = //here component of cube's mesh
for(var vert in verts)
   var direction : Vector3 = vert - cube.transform.position;
   direction = direction.normalize;
   vert += direction * RandomDistance;

But don’t know why it’s calculate wrong direction… As result it’s move every vert to wrong direction. I have no idea what should I do… Any help?


I did it on my own.
With regards for everyone who has the same problem:

direction = Target.transform.position - transform.TransformPoint(vert);
direction = moveDir.normalized;
vert = transform.InverseTransformPoint(transform.TransformPoint(vert) + (direction * distance));