Move RigidBody with translate

Argh! In my zombie game each zombie has a Capsule collider and a rigidbody component. They Move using an A*, and the A* tool I use uses transform.Translate to move. I’ve been reading and have learned that you should not use transform with rigidbodies. During the game, if I zombie touches another zombie or the Character Controller of the player, they freeze in place. (although the A* debugging shows they have found a path to the player). sometimes it freezes just randomly…and i really cant control it using force, and I dont want to. I cant use charcter controllers because they are slow…I have tried constraining all the rotations and positions of the rigidbody and pretty much every combination, but nothing helps! what should i do to fix the Movement?

Well, there’s a reason if you don’t use translate with rigidbody driven objects.
So the answer is, DO NOT USE TRANSLATE. It alters the way object rigidbodies respond to their surroundings.
You will need to replace all the direct-transform-actuator-functions with they physics driven counterparts. You can start with ‘simplemove’, for example, or its more flexible ‘move’.

Alternatively, you can replace the rigidbody with simple colliders. This way, you’ll still be able to perform space-bound functions (like avoiding intersection), and you’ll have your ai script already working.