Move Sprite while playing animaiton

Hello, I just started using unity and am working on using animated sprites. What I have is a simple sprite with rigid body and box collider, along with three separate animations. I can easily select each animation using a parameter I set in the animator (0,1,2). The animations run fine, but when I try to transform the position of the sprite it doesn’t move…

Now, what I do notice is that in my animation I am setting the sprites position so that it appears to float (moving the Y position up and down). Could this be what is preventing me from moving my sprite around? If so, is there a work around where I can keep the animation running while translating my object?

Yes indeed, the positions recorded in the animation are probably what is hindering you.

unfortunately, animation positions are applied in world space UNLESS the gameobject being animated is a child. Then the animations can be recorded in local space. That way you can move the parent around to translate the sprite, and play the animations on the sprite gameobject itself.