Move the pot, the dish will penetrate down

I’m making a prototype like the image below: chopped vegetables are placed in a pot, shake the pot and the dishes will collide with each other in the pot like real world.

I prototyped the following: a pot with a narrow collider (non-convex collider), and some small fragments.
Fragments are configured as rigidbody and continuous dynamic, and pot is not set as rigidbody.
When I moved the pot, fragments would penetrate the bottom of the pot. The faster I move, the more fragments penetrate (especially when the pot moves upwards, it’s a disaster)

I have been troubled by this problem for a long time and sincerely ask for help. How can I achieve the physics of the fragments in the pot (collision and interaction) without penetrating?

have you tried setting the fragments to continuous instead if continuous dynamic?
if so or that doesn’t work i would try putting a kinematic rigidbody on the pot and try setting it to continuous dynamic or just continuous.
Hope this helps. good luck!