Moveing my camera

First of sorry for my bad English.

I have been working on a survival first person game for some time now, but camera moves with him and he got a mecanim system on so when he walk or run the camera get vary shaky. I wanted to make a script that made the cam follow him instead, but since the guy gets spawned in buy a script I cant find him using GameObject.Find. Here is My scrips that spawns him

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class JoinRoom : Photon.MonoBehaviour {

public string ChooseRoomName;
public string JoinRoomName;
//SpawnSpot [] SpawnSpots;
Vector3 SpawnPos;
Quaternion SpawnRot;
bool Joined = false;

// Use this for initialization

void Start () {
	SpawnPos = new Vector3(GameObject.Find("SpawnSpot1").transform.position.x, GameObject.Find("SpawnSpot1").transform.position.y ,GameObject.Find("SpawnSpot1").transform.position.z);
	SpawnRot = new Quaternion (GameObject.Find("SpawnSpot1").transform.rotation.x, GameObject.Find("SpawnSpot1").transform.rotation.y, GameObject.Find("SpawnSpot1").transform.rotation.z, 0);
	Connect ();


void Connect () {
void OnGUI () {
	GUILayout.Label ( PhotonNetwork.connectionStateDetailed.ToString());

	void OnJoinedLobby() {
	Debug.Log ("OnJoinedLobby");
	PhotonNetwork.JoinRandomRoom ();

void OnPhotonRandomJoinFailed() {
	Debug.Log ("OnPhotonRandomJoindFailed");
	PhotonNetwork.CreateRoom (null);

void OnJoinedRoom() {
	Debug.Log ("OnJoinedroom");
	SpawnMyPlayer ();

void SpawnMyPlayer() {
	Debug.Log ("Hello");

		//SpawnSpot mySpawnSpot = SpawnSpots [Random.Range (0, SpawnSpots.Length)];
	GameObject myPlayerGO = (GameObject)PhotonNetwork.Instantiate ("Player1", SpawnPos, SpawnRot, 0);
	GameObject myCamGO = (GameObject)PhotonNetwork.Instantiate ("PlayerCam", SpawnPos, SpawnRot, 0);

	myPlayerGO.transform.Find ("Man_Arms").gameObject.SetActive (true);
	myPlayerGO.transform.Find ("male_Hi").gameObject.SetActive (false);
	myPlayerGO.GetComponent<Mouse_Move> ().enabled = true;
	myPlayerGO.GetComponent<Movement_Final> ().enabled = true;

	myCamGO.transform.Find ("Main Camera").gameObject.SetActive (true);
	myCamGO.GetComponent<Mouse_Move> ().enabled = true;
	myCamGO.GetComponent<CamMove> ().enabled = true;


I don’t need to rotate the camera with him just when he moves. Hope that somebody can help me.

Just a guess, I think the problem might be caused by the camera-follow script that you have on the main camera. If the character moves up and down (in y axis) when animated with a run animation, and the camera-follow script goes something like myCamGO.transform.position = myPlayerGO.transform.position, then the camera will also bob up and down along with the animation. So what you could do is go something like

cam.position.x = player.position.x
cam.position.y = Mathf.Lerp(cam.position.y, player.position.x, Time.deltaTime*speed);
cam.position.z = player.position.x

You might also want to try lerping the x and z as well just to see how things look.