Movement and animation

We have a path-finding/path-following script that navigates a character around fixed objects to reach its destination. We tested it out, and it works. So far, so good.

But as soon as we set it to start the character's walk animation (an animation of him walking in place . . . the path-following script takes care of the actual translation), the character's position keeps getting set back to his starting position every 10 or so frames (leading to a stuttering kind of motion). If I turn off the animation, the character translates as expected once again. It's as if the animation is somehow resetting the character's position.

Does this ring a bell to anyone? It sounds similar to Hunter_jonny's 2D problem here:

But it doesn't look like he got an answer. (We already tried the empty game object suggestion, but that didn't make a difference, unfortunately)

Thanks, in advance for your help!

I guess your animation animates the pivot point of your character. At least in one frame. You can check the animation in Unity with the animation window. Just open it and select your character (the GO where the Animation component is attached to). Now you can see all animation curves. Make sure that the parent (the topmost transform that you move via script) is not animated. Animations are absolute. That means there is no relative movement in animations so if your pivot have a transform.position curve that would set the character to the animated absolute position.

Your animations should be animated in place. Unity don't support motion delta and since you move your char with your own script i guess you had that already in mind.