movement and float error,I'm trying to get a ball to move only on X & Z axsis and there are errors that i don't know how to solve



Hello there,

Before posting on here, I suggest you learn C# and programming in general a little more. From your code above it seems you’re pretty new at this.

But anyways, here are some pointers:

  • If you want to declare a new float, you can do “float moveX”. You can’t place a dot in between, as that would mean you’re trying to set a field named “moveX” INSIDE the “float” class.
  • Capitalisation matters. If you declare a float “inputX”, it is “inputX”. Not “InputX”, not “INPUTX”, not “inputx”. Check that you’re writing it right.

I hope that helps!



there are too many syntax errors like you didn’t even insert semicolons, my suggestion would be to watch few tutorials on C# language, and learn how to write code in C#.