Movement based on radial dial and force?

I have been trying this in a 3d game, but if you think 2d would be better let me know.
I am trying ti create a movement system like so:

The player is static.
Player uses the mouse or left analogue stick on controller to direct a red line that comes out of the centre of the player. When they have the line pointing in the direction they want to go, they press 'A' on the controller or keyboard and the player moves in that direction.

I have attached a basic sketch.

Any pointers/breakdown of steps to attempt would be great. I tried using a 3d pill shape as the paler, it just seems to roll..

Thanks again for any pointers


Which part exactly do you need help with?

At the minute, I have movement mapped to w = up, a = left etc..
I need help getting the radial part working.. then instead of pressing the key to move, you press one button and the player is pushed in that direction. Like thrust? But this can only be used when the player has stopped moving again. Not in the middle of movement