Movement bugs after reopening unity project

I have a problem in almost every project that when i make the Player move in the way i want with diffrent methods and save the project, after opening it agian all of settings are Broken like the Player speed or collisions but when i check the code or inspector nothing has changed


I’ll take a shot in the dark for ya… But I think you might be using full on public variables in your scripts, and are modifying the values while in the inspector. So everything runs fine while you have Unity open. But once you close it, and open back up, the variables you had set in inspector are back to default values you had set in script. I have had this issue before.

The lesson I learned is, never mess with inspector variables while game is not running. And when you find a value you like, make sure you put those values in your code.

There is the other small effect of maybe you’re not saving your scene/progress?