Movement Cap Forwards W

var speed = 10;

update {

This is all I know. I am 15 and could you please give me hints. Also what does Super() do?
I am not a noob and learn the following codes that wont help: Lua, CSS, HTML, Some JAVASCRIPT, and Action Script 2.0 (flash)
Just a simple set foward please :slight_smile:

These should get you started:

the paste 3 days i have been learning.

function Update()

transform.position += transform.forward * 10 * Time.deltaTime;

the function update makes it occur once a frame and if you assign W to w in inputs in editor, you can use that. transform.position gets the script’s parent’s (on the thing that the script is attached to). += adds a value, and were going to add a value going forwards 10 blocks for each system frame.