movement due to friction

I have a ball with bouncy material on top of a cube with rubber material. when I move the cube either right or left i’m expecting the ball to move a bit right or left too together with the cube due to friction.

The problem is that the ball is not moving at all. How can i fix this?

The problem was that the cube had a rigidbody with “is kinematic” option ticked, due to the fact I wanted to Translate the cube using Input.GetAxis(“Horizontal”).

The solution:

Unticked the “is kinematic” option in the cube’s rigidbody (I now understand that this way will allow the cube to totally act under the physics engine) and to move the cube use the following:

rigidbody.velocity = (new Vector3(Input.GetAxis("Horizontal"), 0, 0) * playerSpeed);

The movement due to friction is now “enabled” due to both objects are acting under physics.