Movement is jarring and choppy on hills

I’m using the 3rd Person Controller movement script, and I find that when I turn around or even to the side when on a hill the movement is very jarring. Like, it’s in no way smooth. My player object will appear facing different angles.

For example, if I’m running down a hill and I want to turn left (So going from running at 90 degree angle to 180 degree, assuming running to the right is 0 degree) my character will appear at 100 degrees, then 110 degrees, then 130 degrees and then 160 degrees and then 180 degrees. I have absolutely no clue how to fix this…

I have made no changes to the 3rd person controller script.

I have resolved this problem myself, for anyone else that may have this problem, the 3rd Person Controller movement script stopped the player from being able to move when falling, so slopes caused the player the rapidly fall repeatedly, causing jarring movement.