movement script

var speed= 3.0;
var rotateSpeed = 3.0;

function Update(){
var controller: CharacterController = GetComponent(CharacterController);

//rotate y-axis
Transform.Rotate(0, Input.GetAxis("horizontal") * rotateSpeed, 0);

// move forward\backward
var forward = transform.TransformDirection(Vector3, forward);
var curSpeed = speed * Input.GetAxis("Vertical");
Controller.SimpleMove(forward * curspeed);

@script RequireComponent(CharacterController)

can anyone tell me wat is wrong is my movement script?

For starters, the lines




are using the classes ‘Transform’ and ‘Controller’, rather than the actual objects that you should be manipulating. Try this instead:

controller.SimpleMove(paramaters); // See the lower-case c in controller

transform.Rotate(rotations); // The 'small-t' transform means the automatic 
                             // transform shortcut that gets the transform to
                             // which this component is connected.

sorry for not having explained myself well, is that the monodevelop this script results in this series of errors. i cant debug this script without errors :s