Movie Playback: any way to get around not having Unity Pro?

Hi there,

I have just had my last question answered Here but:

I want to make a cutscene movie play when i enter a new scene, however i am now getting that error 'Movie Playback is only possbile with Unity Pro'. Is there ANY way that i can by-pass this without having Unity Pro? I have a bad feeling that there isn't... if thats true than this is will destroy my college final major project...

Any advice will be greatly appreciated, thank you!

If you're targeting the web, or are able to present your project using a webplayer browser (even if the files are stored locally), you could use a swf, or some other movie container on the web page, as a hidden div.

Then, when it's time to play the movie you could call a javascript function on the web page which hides the Unity div, and reveals the movie div. When the movie is finished playing, you would swap back.

Edit: see Unity Web Player and browser communication for more information about communicating with the web browser (i.e. with webpage-based-Javascript functions)

You can also use ffmpeg to rip your video into an audio track and individual frames, then play back the frames at the appropriate speed. You can use the WWW interface to load jpeg files, then convert to a Texture2D on the fly.

Performance isn't great with this technique, but I can get full-speed playback for a small video or about 15 fps for fullscreen.

Not much helpful for the college major project (who knows how it did go… well I hope), but it might be for someone else.

You can create a native plugin.

Only experience with Android/iOs here, but there you can just show a custom activity/view controller and play whatever you want in them with the MediaPlayer classes of each operating system.

I’m pretty sure that whatever you are using Mac/Linux/Windows has something like that too (not so sure about the web player).

Depending on the platform(s) you are targeting it might be more or less difficult, but it can definitely be done