Movie texture lagging

Hi guys,
I’m making a game that relies heavily on 2D animated cutscenes (these will be pre-rendered). These do all have sound. When I run them with a movie texture they lag a lot. Note that my animations are not like 2 gig for just a 30 sec clip, they are small and compromised already.

Anyhow, I’ve looked around and I’ve seen that many have similar issues. Yet I can’t find an answer to how to solve this. Are movie textures just so bad that they are almost unusable? Or am I doing something wrong? Are movie textures 100% lag free for y’all others out there? Anyhow:

If it’s true that there’s nothing you can do about the movie texture lag (which I hope is not true), then I must ask if it’s possible to play (pre-rendered) cutscenes in any other way? Image sequenses with audio or something like that?

I only know how to use Unity, so I have no experience in any other engines, but if there’s no good way to play back the 2D animations in Unity, I’m gonna have to move away to Unreal or something, if it proves to be better at playing back cutscenes. That will take quite some extra time to learn so I hope someone can help me please :frowning: I don’t want to leave Unity xD

I had the same problem and fixed it by setting QualitySettings.vSyncCount to Don’t Sync.


public MovieTexture myMovie;
int vsyncprevious;

void Start ()
   vsyncprevious = QualitySettings.vSyncCount;
   QualitySettings.vSyncCount = 0;

void Update()
   if (!myMovie.isPlaying())
     QualitySettings.vSyncCount = vsyncprevious;