Movie Texture not working properly on UI Raw Image 5.4 beta

I have been trying to get a movie file to play on a UI raw image but it is producing strange results.
I have used movie texture plenty before and have had them working on gameobjects and other elements.
The movie does play on the UI element but it seems to have been blown up and only shows the very top corner of the video.
I have tried changing the settings on the canvas, on the raw image and everything else I can think of, so think this may be a bug. Anyone else having the same issue or could suggest what it could be?


I have experienced this a few times and don’t have a way of getting around it. It started happening since 5.4 and works fine in 5.3 so definitely a bug on Unity’s side. I am using this as a cross-platform solution for videos on WebGL and they started breaking. I have tried to alter the loading logic (both C# and jslib, to no avail), tried updating the texture of the RawImage, CanvasRenderer, and even setting the shader’s texture manually. I have tried deactivating and reactivating the object to force refresh and have played with the anchoring settings as well. Simply seems to have become broken since 5.4… =(