MovieTexture jittering in u, v

A very strange artifact – after several hours of run time for the built scene, a Unity MovieTexture mapped to a plane in my scene begins to literally shake – moving/vibrating rapidly and randomly by several pixels in both the u and v axes. As the texture jitters around, the rest of the scene continues to render normally. The alpha matte moves along with the texture, as normal.

I’d like to hear that there’s an error in my approach, below, though it has been working just fine for many months until I noticed the jitter artifact after a full day of running the build. The relevant snippet of the code follows:

glideCard = GameObject.Find("glideCard");
glideCardTex = (MovieTexture)glideCard.GetComponent<Renderer>().material.mainTexture;
glideCardTex.loop = true;
QualitySettings.vSyncCount = 0;
glideCardRenderer = (Renderer)glideCard.GetComponent<Renderer>();
glideCardRenderer.enabled = true;

The texture itself is connected to a 1K square Theora .ogg file via the Inspector.

Again, I see this in the binary product of the build, not in the Editor.

We haven’t found a reason for the above MovieTexture jitter, but we have established that it’s a dependable artifact. After several hours of game time running at the ‘Fantastic’ Unity preset, the MovieTexture begins to shake in the u and v axes.

Running with the ‘Fastest’ preset, we don’t see this strange behavior. So this is a possible work-around.