Moving 2D Sprite Object in Curve path.

Hi everyone!

i am new on this Unity please help me on my problem…

my question is how can i perform my 2D object move is different position smoothly?
what i mean is when i pressed letter “Q” it perform “Forward Jump” like this… illustrated on picture below

my question is not above playing animation… im using rigidbody2D

Please help me… thanks a lot.


Use rigidBody.addForce

Make the force in the direction you want to jump.

Well, you could make an animation for the curved path and play it when the player presses Q. And in animation states you can have it linked to any state so you can do that whenever. Its not a perfect answer, because I don’t quite know what you want exactly.

function Update () {
		if (Input.GetKeyDown ("Q")){

You can use iTween for this purpose or any other third party plugin for this purpose.
So that you just don’t have to do more labour work.

this question is very old but for everyone that needs this.

you can use a rigid body and add force to your characters.

if you want to move to a specific position use this: