Moving 'platforms' not colliding with you

I got almost everything working with my character controller but I’ve hit a wall now.

The problem is, if a object moving in my direction (using built-in animation) and ‘hits’ me, it will go through me. but if i jump on it, i will collide normally.

Also, occasionally jumping on a rising platform causes me to fall through it

The character was mainly made by making a capsule and then Component->Character->FPS Input Controller. I modified the default character motor to make the jumping on walls thing, besides that i don’t think i have made any other modification.

Anyone know what might be causing this or how to fix it? (if possible, without having to scrap the character motor)

Youtube video showing the issue (you might need to stop the video to be able to read the comments at the end): - YouTube

Pastebin with the modified Character Motor class: Character Motor -

Too much code to read… So I’m going to make guesses from what ive seen:

your move will work by changing a transform… This is a bad idea as it will allow violation of the physics engine, to move a character (properly) in a physics engine you have to apply a force to it (lookup unity forces) apon applying a force through you w,a,s,d,space keys it hopefully shouldn’t have any of the issues you described…

so yeah… Use forces not transforms if physics is in use. Only use transform for things where you want to ignore physics