Moving 3rd person controller with "in-place" animation

I’m using the standard assets 3rd person controller with my own animated character (rigged with the Rigify metarig in Blender), a generated humanoid avatar, and a copy of the default 3rd person animator (being that I need to change the assets to my own).

I’m trying to figure out how to keep the custom animations I did, and just have the controller handle movement. I tried recalculating the xy values in Mechanim, but while my character moved, the animation somehow changed to one that I d id not define. I was testing it with the run, walk, and idle animations, and the idle animation was a very slow version of the walk/run, and the walk/run looked like the default humanoid animations (the character has a particularly wide stance, and the default animations make the legs cross to the point they clip through each other).

If there are any details I missed, I’ll gladly try and clarify. I’m still pretty new to Mechanim (and Unity in general), so it’s possible there’s something I didn’t look at.

try to activate or deactive “Apply Root Motion” setting of your Animator.

In Meccanim check in the transition settings if “Exit Time” is activate. If yes, the animation runs until it’s end even if you are meanwhile in another situation. So, you have to deactivate it for the most animations.