Moving a gameobject towards another

Hi guys,

Im starting a new project which is a 3d board game and I want to make it so that when I click a tile my character would move to it.

I could transform.position but it would just appear and I would like to see the character move towards the tile.

Ive tried to experiment with itween but im hopeless. I just want to get the basic mechanics down first before I make it look pretty.

What would be the best way of making clicking a tile and making, player 1 for example, move towards it.


Vector3.MoveTowards or Vector3.Lerp. The idea is that you set a target position as a Vector3 and over time move current position X, Y and Z towards the target X, Y and Z. To get a clicked position depending on your tiles, either get the transform.position of your tile or round the clicked position to get a grid position at the center of the graphical presentation of the tile.