Moving a single instance

I draw a line on which I want to add “handles”, these “handles” can be moved and leave a line from their respective anchorpoint, to the new position of their respective “handle”.
So I made a prefab “handle” which gets instantiated on the line after a certain distance from the last “handle” was drawn. Each handle should be able to move independently, because I want to use the line length for other calculations.
But when I have more than 1 instance, all overlap when I try to move a single “handle”.

Here’s some code to elaborate:

var rubberBand:GameObject;
private var uniqueRubberBand:GameObject;
private var rubberBandName:String;
uniqueRubberBand = Instantiate(rubberBand, Vector3(linepos.x, linepos.y + 5, linepos.z),  transform.rotation);
rubberBandName = "RubberBand";
rubberBandName = rubberBandName.Insert(rubberBandName.Length, rubberBandNameArray.length.ToString());

Now for the line drawing, that is happening in a script attached to the prefab:

function Start () 
	anchor = transform.position;
	drag = false;
	line = new LineRenderer();
	line = gameObject.AddComponent(LineRenderer);
	material = new Material(Shader.Find("Diffuse"));
   	material.color =;
	line.material = material;
	line.SetWidth(startWidth, endWidth);
	lineHelper2 = new GameObject(); = + "lineHelper2";
	line2 = new LineRenderer();
	line2 = lineHelper2.AddComponent(LineRenderer);
	line2.SetWidth(startWidth, endWidth);
	material2 = new Material(Shader.Find("Diffuse"));
	material2.color =;
	line2.material = material2;
function Update()
			line.SetPosition(0, anchor);
			line.SetPosition(1, anchor + unitVector * 25);
			line2.SetPosition(0, anchor + unitVector * 25);
			line2.SetPosition(1, anchor + unitVector * 50);
			line3.SetPosition(0, anchor + unitVector * 50);
			line3.SetPosition(1, transform.position);

Just found the solution:
Make a raycast and test if the hit is the instance itself and not something else.

if (Physics.Raycast (ray, hit, Mathf.Infinity))
if( ==