Moving an object in a game with editor style

I need to move object in a game with an drawn arrows, like in a scene editor. What is the best was to approach this problem?

In the long term rotation engine in “editor-style” need to be added as well.

Alright, why not apply a OnMouseDrag function to your script.

#pragma strict

function Start () {


function Update () {

function OnMouseDrag(){
	//Use for X Arrow
	var DragX : float = (Input.GetAxis("Mouse X"));
	gameObject.transform.localPosition.x += DragX * Time.deltaTime;
	//Use for Y Arrow
	var DragY : float = (Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y"));
	gameObject.transform.localPosition.y += DragY * Time.deltaTime;


So on your X Arrow, apply the X script, and apply the Y for the Y arrow. Play around with it until you get it how you like. You could Implement the Z Arrow with perhaps both depending on how you’re doing it. I hope this works for you! If you need anything else I might be able to help!