Moving an Object to Another Object's Location

I am making a dart game and I need the dart to move to the position of the targeting reticle but still remain off camera. Basically I want the dart to move to the reticle’s position but only on the X and Y planes.

I have been using this:
transform.position = new Vector3(lastRetPos.x, lastRetPos.y, Z);

Where “lastRetPos” is the position of the reticle and “Z” is a constant.

Now, in my conception, this should move the dart to the reticle’s position but not forward as Z is set to a negative number. However, the dart is always moved exactly to the reticle’s position, seemingly ignoring the constant negative.

I think I understand what you’re getting it, simple question would be how negative is the Z?

If you want the dart off-camera, it needs to be behind the z position of the camera itself.

If you’re not planning on moving the camera, you can also set it’s “near clipping” plane to whatever the difference between 0 and the camera’s z position is.

IE: If the camera’s z is -10, it’s near clipping plane should be 10, that way it won’t render anything between the camera and z = 0